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Which industries are cixi miniature bearings generally applied to?

Advantages of cixi miniature bearing:

1. Since the mobile contact can make the starting friction resistance and the dynamic friction resistance are very small, it can save energy and get a higher speed of motion easily.

2. The friction coefficient is not sensitive to the increase of load, so the friction coefficient is very small under heavy load, and the accuracy remains unchanged for a long time, so the service life of the machine can be maintained for a long time.

3. Linear sports bearings have good interchangeability, convenient installation and use, and make the mechanical structure novel, small, light weight characteristics.

4. Save oil feeding procedures to simplify lubrication maintenance.

5. The bearing with oil seal on both sides is also suitable for places where there is a lot of dust or foreign matter is easy to invade.

Classification of miniature bearings: the most widely used series of standard types have three different sizes: miniature series of light, thin, short, the needs of The Times, super small diameter size, inner diameter: 3, 4, 5MM. L stainless steel outer ring, steel ball both ends of the cover are stainless steel, retainer made of plastic. S, SL... The open UU l excision of a row of steel balls, and the corresponding outer ring, can achieve high rigidity, and prevent the warp of the shaft guide mechanism, at the same time can get the gap adjustable, no loose fit state. LM... OP the LME... OP l clearance adjustment type has a single seam type along the long axial direction on the outer ring, so as to adjust the shell of fixed bearing to fit without looseness. LM... ADJ LME... Adl oil-sealed bearing with a single end or two ends equipped with lip with a special synthetic rubber seal ring, suitable for dust and foreign body invasion field, and can keep the oil well.